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IMG_20131117_101036I have a surprise for you! For the next week I'm giving away the first chapter of Lucie's Kitchen-- FREE. "Lucie's Kitchen" will be available on August 1.

To get your free book chapter and learn more about the book, just sign up here:

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This was the one I worked on the hardest.
It's a little bit dramatic, and it's all true.
I also threw in a handful of pie recipes to sweeten it up a little.

Thanks! To get the book:

All the best,



If you are one of my 16 very loyal readers, I feel that I owe you an explanation about my absence over the past few months. To cut to the chase: I wrote a book.



Lucie's Kitchen -- or The Book, as it's referred to in my house with varying degrees of affection  and angst --  is  chock full of recipes from Lucie's collection intertwined with her story. I tried to just make this a little thing I did for my family, however, certain friends of mind have pushed encouraged me to get the word out.

Apparently when you write a book you have to tell people about it  and let them read it, which is more terrifying to me than writing a 164 page book. You can watch my agony right here-- I will post pre-ordering info right here in the very near future.

In the meantime, thank you for reading my words. It is so surprising and humbling to hear that you enjoy the words that make their way from my head to the screen. I hope you'll enjoy this book even more, all 100+ recipes and the story of a woman who I've never met, but learned so much from.

Oh, and please share with the world and increase my terror if you are so inclined.

With Gratitude,