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jarsNo matter how rich or busy or important or tired or happy or sad or cranky a person is, mention homemade pie and they almost always light up. Why is that?

There are as many answers to that as there are kinds of pie, but the thing I keep coming back to is this: the basics are important.

It's so easy to get wrapped into the busy-ness, to feel important by running around and never stopping, to go after more-better-faster-bigger-now. Eventually the small mundane parts of life become neglected. I know I struggle with that balance. It's more fun to go to the beach than it is to sit at home and fold the laundry.

That's why I wrote Lucie's Kitchen and why I started The Last Jar. There's a joy in the everyday that is so quiet and subtle that we often overlook it. It requires us to slow down and it requires us to work. It's not shiny and new, but it's what brings us real joy when we look back. I want us all to remember that.

Which brings me back to pie. And homemade cookies, or that special jar of pickles that nobody else makes. The nostalgia around these things isn't just about the food. It's about the person that took the time to stop their importance and practice the basics to bring joy to the people around them. Think about your childhood. What made you feel safe and happy and loved?raspberries

Lucie's Kitchen is officially for sale today. The vintage recipes stick to the basics, and when you cook them they will remind you of another time when people had time to take. I hope it will take you home again.