Yesterday was a blank canvas Saturday, with no soccer games or fundraisers or meetings to attend, and so naturally we drove an hour to the closest outdoor farmer's market.

In Michigan. In November.

And I was blown away by the bounty here. Farmers are clearly rock stars, in my book, because they were cheerfully handing over carrot samples (which my kids devoured) and talked with my husband about the intimate details of their goat herd, all in 40 degree weather with a slight breeze to add to the chill. It was glorious.

We didn't have much on our list when we arrived, but came away with apples, eggs, broccoli (the cool weather makes broccoli so dark green this time of year, I think we'll fight off the sniffles all winter long just from this head alone), carrots, fresh ginger, a giant head of savoy cabbage, kimchi for inspiration, buttercup squash, lettuce, brussels sprouts, and the most magnificent braising greens (2 types of kale and rainbow swiss chard) from Green Garden Community Farms. There was much more to be had, but our arms were full.

We left behind the cauliflower, potatoes, onions, shallots, all types of squash, sunchokes, Jerusalem artichokes, pears, lamb, beef, chicken, pasties, coffee, persimmons, beets, rutabagas, and more.

Yesterday was a good memory made. And our kids got hot chocolate out of the deal.

And this morning, my new favorite breakfast (thank you Charla and Carrie!): it's quick and easy, fewer dirty dishes than a smoothie, and more delicious than you think, all for pennies per serving.

Greens and eggs
Greens and eggs, yum!

Greens and Eggs

3 stalks greens (swiss chard, kale, collards, spinach, or collards)
1 egg
1/4 cup water
Salt to taste

Remove the ribs and coarsely chop the greens. Place in a small frying pan with the water and a dash of salt on medium-high heat. Cover and let simmer while you make some coffee, about 5 minutes. Add the egg, whole, in the center of the pan on top of the greens and cover again, adding a little more water if needed to keep the pan from drying out. Let steam for a 3-5 minutes, depending on how you firm you'd like your egg. Slide onto a plate and salt to taste.

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We interrupt this normally calm blog about food and life to bring you this special rant.

Dear Halloween,

Can we talk? We have a long, rich history, from princess and ninja ensembles to the epic poodle skirts and the homemade Care Bear costume, you and I. So we can be real, right?

It’s about the Trunk-or-Treat. Please make it stop.

I know you mean well, giving kiddos a place to play their costume game off the streets with pre-screened adults. And it’s a nice way for churches and schools to reach out to people that don’t normally attend. I understand.

But my children have been invited to no less than four trunk or treats this year, all on different nights leading up to Halloween.

When did Halloween transform from one night of fun to a week of competing Trunk-or-Treat parties?

I might be going out on a limb here, because Trunk-or-Treat is “safer” than knocking on random doors. But really? Where is the research? Has anyone crunched the numbers on crimes committed toward children that roam neighborhoods vs. parking lots? How about the increase in cavities from the extra candy? And let's talk indirect messages.

Because surely you’ve considered the folly of encouraging a young child to take candy from the trunk of a stranger’s car.

Photo credit Jametiks via Creative Commons, no changes.
Photo credit Jametiks via Creative Commons, no changes.

FURTHERMORE, the thrill of the Big Reveal of the costume is gone, along with the ability of mothers everywhere to procrastinate on the costume until midnight on October 30. My kids have been on a sugar bend all week long, and as Halloween approaches I’m wondering what can top the haul they brought in last weekend.

You have set yourself up for failure, Halloween.

But the real reason I’m over the Trunk-or-Treat fad is that I’m worn out. Families are too busy today. And this never-ending Halloween that lasts half of October is just one example. ONE NIGHT IS ENOUGH, Halloween. Don’t be greedy.

My kids went to one Trunk-or-Treat this year while they were visiting my sister. It was fine, but then again, I didn’t go, and the main thing I heard was that my daughter’s bag was “stolen” (aka she left it somewhere), and my other two children fought over whether or not they should share their candy with her. Yippee.

I’m hoping the last Trunk-or-Treat of the season at my son’s school tomorrow is off his radar. I have other things I’d rather be doing, quite frankly, and I don’t want to fight that battle. And no, that does not make me a bad parent.

You know what we did tonight? We did homework and went to the library and sat down together to a home-cooked meal and then played Legos and went outside and played randomly and did the dishes and read bedtime stories and went to bed.

Boring, you say? Sorry, but it’s not my job to entertain my children continuously. It’s my job to teach them how to live life.

So Halloween, if you want to Trunk-or-Treat on October 31, please do. I probably won’t be there because it takes us a couple of hours to walk the neighborhood, but I know a lot of parents that prefer to go that route. By all means, trunk away.

But every other day?

Go home Halloween, you’re drunk.

Now excuse me. I have less than 48 hours to finish this costume.