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It all started in the kitchen.

I'm Becky Noffsinger, a writer and farmer's daughter, in love with a chef from the North and our three children.

The Last Jar started when my aunt gave me her handwritten copies of her mother Lucie's recipes, one of the few remnants from the grandmother I never knew. From there I have cooked, researched, and made more than a few kitchen failures as I've explored her collection.

Lucie's recipes are her legacy, a story told through her kitchen. I've learned about her poverty and hardship, her nine children, and how she died of a broken heart just as her last child, my mother, was coming of age.

The Last Jar shares Lucie's story and recipes, but I hope it's a little more than that. I hope you can slow down a bit, live deeply, and savor what's around you. A good place to start is with one meal at a time, cooked from scratch with those around you.

You are invited to explore The Last Jar. Make sure to take a few ingredients with you to share with the ones you love.